If your budget won't quite stretch to a new computer or laptop, then why not
have a look and consider a refurbished model? We undertake the
refurbishment of the machines ourselves, on site in our workshop, so that we
can be sure that all the parts and work carried out is to the highest quality.

Once refurbished all the machines are thorouhly tested and quality controlled,
so we can offer a six month warranty, so you can be assured that what you are
buying is good quality and properly supported.

We have machines that are literally only a few months old to complete systems
for less then
100, including Apple Macbooks, MacBook Airs, iMacs, and

Feel free to call us or come in to see us and ask what refurbished equpiment
we have in stock. And we if don't have anything that is suitable, tell us what you
want and we will see if we can source it in one of our other locations.

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